Created by rebellious minds, originals with no reverence for the frozen codes of luxury, UNDERGREEN® however stands for excellence and elegance.

UNDERGREEN® colors the gap between the precious, classical perfumery and our desire for natural pleasures, covers the distance between our cities and imaginary paradises, ventures off the beaten track to reach the ultimate generation of perfumes.

UNDERGREEN® springs from values and individuals.
“Two individuals”, with personalities so different that they match, created this niche perfumery brand. Their diverging professional experiences nonetheless both include an immersion in the universe of perfumes and a fascination for the wonderful world of watches.

Their ultimate fantasy was to create the new generation de perfumes, drawn from Chimie Naturelle®.
They accordingly uses the talent of an atypical person impersonated by *Fabrice OLIVIERI visionarynose, disobedient, who creates politically incorrect perfumes.

The extreme contrasts they nourish reconcile all times. They have a desire to both respect the traditions of composition and let Nature be an inspiration, magnifying it using today’s extraction techniques. Their purpose is to give a 100% natural perfume an elegant and modern style.

After trying to reproduce Nature’s gifts from 100% chemical reactions, the 100% vegetal u-turn awkwardly imposed simplistic mixes of essential oils, whose “aromatherapy” olfactory effect do not flatter our delicate modern tastes.

WHITE and BLACK assemble the know-how inherited from French traditional perfumery and today’s odoriferous ingredients, produced by biotechnologies: isolated molecules or fragments of essential oils obtained through high-tech, environment-friendly methods of extraction. The modern extracts outline the composition and bring out certain facets of the perfume.

These rare and precious essences, legendary or unknown, of delicate or common breeding, all exude their purity and subtlety with great respect for life.

As a life science, Chimie Naturelle®, perfect impostor of synthesis, is the expression of UNDERGREEN®’s desire to create a new generation of natural perfumes, delivering amazing elegance and harmony.
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