Altogether persons must have a valid label for admission.

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Around is a great security presence arrange site. The lady who helped along with the backpack situation and the bloke who helped us get to our seating were great and I a minute ago wish I had their names. Our driver went to the front area initially until we were able en route for work out where he actually was. Live Music. There were some convenient potties for handicapped but that was the extent of it. Holder agrees not to transmit or aid all the rage transmitting any description, account, picture before reproduction of the production, performance, demonstration or event for which the label is issued. Positives: 1. While you enter through one area only, afterwards the show, an exit behind the bleachers is opened which cuts ago on congestion and there is additionally a long row of potties around. All persons must have a applicable ticket for admission.

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The sections of seating are accessible barely by steep stairways and those seats are bleachers without backs. Positives: 1. No special screening rows at the entrance, etc. Overall, it can be a good venue when the glitches are covered and you take it as what it is, a acting, seasonal event ground. There were a few portable potties for handicapped but so as to was the extent of it. A person with disabilities will have trouble along with anything other than floor seating.

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