Advantage spread: The number of points added to or subtracted from a team's actual score for betting purposes. Handle: The amount of money in wagers accepted.

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Whether the wager refers to the abode or away team is determined as a result of its position on the board. But a book is "highly exposed" arrange the Cubs in World Series futures betting, it will lose a allocation of money to bettors if the Cubs win the World Series. Player: A sports bettor. Las Vegas golf courses Betting Glossary Time to appeal out the flash cards and advantage studying up on how to be converted into the next high roller in Las Vegas.

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Sharp: Savvy, highly informed; or, used en route for describe the money bet by abrupt players "a lot of sharp capital came in on the Eagles". Designed for example, there would be six two-team parlays within a four-team round robin. Board: A presentation of all the games and events available for gambling in a sports book. Those scores are: , , , , after that Wise guy: A sharp, booming, established professional sports bettor. People who analyze this sort of thing -—like the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective— allow determined that these are the five most common final scores in the NFL, based on all games played since

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Football Squares Prizes Traditionally, prizes are compensate out at the end of all quarter, for a total of four prizes. Action: A live bet before bets. Hook: A half-point in the betting spread. One axis is the home score, the other axis is the away score. Hey, it can be the one time in your life where you are a accurate sharp, at least relative to all else taking part in the ante. Underdog: A team or player so as to, according to the odds, is the weaker or among the weakest all the rage a given match-up, or is regarded as such by the betting broadcast, or is expected to lose.

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